SensorTack® Ready+ Plus

The unique combination





Take advantage of the combination of SensorTack® Ready+ silicone sensor pads and SensorTack® 1 gel for the re-use of square-type sensors with raised features. First, fill with gel, then apply sensor pad – done!

Patented formula

No oiling or loss of liquids on the windscreen, even at high temperatures


according to OE manufacturers’ specifications, no yellowing

Unique combination

of gel and pad for the restoration of sensor optics with raised features

Easy allocation

per vehicle model or Eurocode

Our combination kit unites the advantages of the proven SensorTack® 1 gel with the properties of our SensorTack® Ready pads. With SensorTack® Ready+ Plus you restore the perfect function of the sensors with raised features after windscreen replacement.

SensorTack® gel and pad – the best product combination!

Replacement has never been easier

How to refit the sensor with SensorTack® Ready+ Plus? Watch our installation video!

SensorTack® FINDER


Installation tip

It’s that easy to replace the pad:

Step 1: Release sensor from windscreen and remove old pad completely
Step 2: Clean sensor with SensorTack® cleaning and contact spray
Step 3: Fill the raised features with SensorTack® 1 gel and let cure
Step 4: Apply SensorTack® Ready+ pad

Sensor can now be reused!

Did you know? SensorTack® always meets the highest demands on processing, handling and reliability without variations in quality!

Accessories for SensorTack® Ready+ Plus

SensorTack® heating box

At low ambient temperatures or in cold weather, 2K silicone products, such as the SensorTack® gel, require additional time to cure.

The SensorTack® box warms the gel and accelerates the reaction time. In addition, it protects against dust and allows the sensor to be positioned completely level when filled with SensorTack® gel.

  • Ideal for mobile fitting
  • Fast curing at any temperature
  • Can be used via cigarette lighter
  • Handy and light

SensorTack® cleaning and contact spray

Ideal pre-cleaner and assembly support for the installation of sensor and camera units. Cleans the camera lens as well as the sensor and glass surface. SensorTack® cleaning and contact spray meets existing OE manufacturer specifications.

  • Cleans the camera lens as well as the sensor and windscreen surface
  • Fine nozzle head
  • Facilitates the installation

Vaporizes rapidly, streak- and residue-free!

Use the SensorTack® heating box to reduce the curing time and to level the sensor horizontally.

Our top SensorTack® Ready+ pads

Sensorpad Type 2-1
Art. No. 13360151

Sensorpad Type H1
Art. No. 13360152

Sensorpad Type 20/24
Art. No. 13360163

Sensorpad Type 18/19
Art. No. 13360166

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