Sustainability – thinking in the long term

Taking care of the environment, society and the long-term perspective of the company is called sustainability – but for us it is a matter of course. We take responsibility for sustainability within our sphere of influence. From recycling to employee welfare, from renewable energy to apprenticeships. Because we are very concerned about maintaining a functioning company, a stable society and an intact environment for future generations. We are convinced that this also makes us strong as a company for the future.


m2 photovoltaic system


solar modules

267 tn

CO2 emissions p.a. avoided


charging points for e-vehicles

40,000 l

petrol and diesel p.a. saved

Solar energy from our own sources

We are not satisfied with just buying green electricity. Our aim is to use as much electricity as possible from our own production. This is why we have installed a 2,300 sqm photovoltaic system on our new building in 2020, thus actively promoting the expansion of renewable energies. In 2022, we have enlarged our system by 480 sqm which enables us to cover a further part of our electricity demand on our own.

Our environmental certificate for green electricity from water power:


We take responsibility

Electric on the move

Our mobility management is part of our sustainability strategy. In 2020 we converted a first part of our fleet to e-vehicles and installed nine own charging stations with 99 kW charging power. Our focus on e-mobility has only just begun: In 2021, we added a further charging station and in 2023 another six were installed. In future, too, we will boost the conversion to environmentally friendly resources and will enlarge the share of e-vehicles in our fleet.

Avoiding waste, disposing of residues in an environmentally friendly manner

We also pay attention to sustainability when it comes to waste: before something is thrown away, re-using it is very important to us. And we make no compromises when it comes to recycling. We recycle in accordance with § 7 paragraph 1 of the German Packaging Act in the Dual System Zentec, a professional partner.

Delivery note bags made of paper

Our delivery note bags are now green and made of paper. We save 66 kg of plastic per month with this change. These and similar projects are tackled by our team of apprentices and trainers. In the Smart & Green working group, they address questions like “Where can we save packaging material?” or “How can we separate our waste even better?”
Sometimes the solution is quite simple, but some topics are very complex and require cross-departmental research. This also gives our trainees the opportunity to get to know project-related work.

Adhesive paper tape

A few months ago, the Smart & Green team decided to abandon the classic plastic tape roll when sealing our shipping boxes and instead use the environmentally friendly alternative made of paper.

This change saves around 122 kg of plastic per year based upon equivalent usage.

Together for a more colourful environment

We will transform our open spaces into a wildflower meadow. A great iniative for environmental protection and biodiversity: a place for bees, butterflies and co.

„We are all part of the environment. Our children and all future generations will benefit from what we do today for our nature and environment. That is why it is natural for me to think and act sustainably.“

Jens Finkeldei, Shareholder

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