Adhesives technology


Windscreen bonding requires an in-depth understanding of the different types of adhesives and primers and how best to apply them. The process is extremely complex and has a direct impact on the safety of any vehicle. This compact training course will provide you with the crucial knowledge and practical skills to carry out the entire bonding process safely and effectively.


In the half day training we will show you which adhesive types and systems are available and what you need to bear in mind when processing them. You will receive an overview of the advantages and limitations of adhesives in application. All content is taught in accordance with current regulations.

After the theoretical part, you can practice your acquired knowledge on our training vehicles. Our trainer is available to answer your questions and provide valuable tips and tricks.


  • Explanation of the differences between 1C and 2C adhesives
  • Instructions for the safe handling of 1C and 2C adhesives
  • Imparting knowledge of polyurethane (PU), MS Polymer and MS Polymer Hybrid
  • The importance of a diisocyanat training
  • Familiarisation with the various pre-treatment methods and agents
  • Repairing oxidation on the body flange
  • Significance of the SDAT (Safe Drive Away Time)
  • Expert tips
  • Practical exercises on the training vehicles

Target groups

  • Automotive glass fitters
  • Motor mechanics/mechatronics technicians/electricians
  • Bodywork and vehicle makers
  • Vehicle journeymen/master (student

Training structure

The training courses are divided into units of 45 minutes with a break after two teaching units. Training lasting several hours include a comprehensive catering. Coffee and soft drinks are freely available during the training.


This training is currently offered on demand in our premises in Willich.

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Basic training with certificate
Basic training with certificate
4 training units à 45 minutes
4 training units à 45 minutes
499 €
499 €
R.A.C.E. – 47877 Willich, Siemensring 44
R.A.C.E. – 47877 Willich, Siemensring 44