ADAS I – Front technique


You receive profound knowledge of driver assistance systems in the front area, such as camera and radar systems, ultrasound devices and laser systems. You learn all about the functions and you can handle all necessary devices and tools required to calibrate camera and radar systems.


In our 1 day training you get to know the various camera, radar and comfort systems installed in the front area. We explain their functions and distinguishing features. You receive fundamental knowledge about the axle geometry and important information about the legally secure calibration of driver assistance systems according to manufacturer specifications.

With our diagnostic devices from Hella Gutmann, also in combination with CSC Digital, or Bosch you analyse the single systems, read error code entries, delete entries and start the applications with the aim to carry out a successful calibration or adjustment.


  • Explanation of the various camera types (mono, stereo, Tricosal, Kostal with pad) and radar systems (ultrasound, lidar, laser in the front area)
  • Basics of vehicle diagnostic: error memory and comfort systems
  • Axle geometry and manufacturer specifications
  • Interaction of the systems

Target groups

Our offer is aimed at:

  • Motor mechanics/mechatronics technicians/electricians
  • Bodywork and vehicle makers
  • Vehicle journeymen/master (students)

Training structure

The training courses are divided into units of 45 minutes with a break after two teaching units. Training lasting several hours include a comprehensive catering. Coffee and soft drinks are freely available during the training.


This training is currently offered on demand in our premises in Willich.

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Basic training with certificate
Basic training with certificate
8 training units à 45 minutes
8 training units à 45 minutes
999 €
999 €
R.A.C.E. – 47877 Willich/Germany, Siemensring 44
R.A.C.E. – 47877 Willich/Germany, Siemensring 44