SensorTack® 1

Highly transparent for round sensors





Use SensorTack® 1 to produce new silicone pads for round rain/light sensors after windscreen replacement. SensorTack® 1 is a 2-component gel with minimum curing time and maximum form stability.

Patented formula

No oiling or loss of liquids on the windscreen, even at high temperatures

Minimal costs

Re-use of the old sensor saves purchasing a new one

Proven quality

TÜV certification proves the constant high quality

Constant material properties

Resistant surface, highly elastic

Handling is easy, the result is professional: this is not only due to the constant properties of the gel at -40° C and +180° C, but also to the special silicone, which is the same as used in the original equipment.

Replacement has never been easier

How to refit the sensor with SensorTack® 1? Watch our installation video!

SensorTack® FINDER


Installation tip

It’s that easy to replace the pad:

Step 1: Release sensor from windscreen and remove old pad completely
Step 2: Clean sensor with SensorTack® cleaning and contact spray
Step 3: Place sensor on level surface (recommendation: SensorTack® heating box) and apply gel to the clean optical surface. Let cure for a few minutes.

Sensor can now be reused!

„The sensitive response of the SensorTack® products is according to the original. Consequently, SensorTack® makes a significant contribution to road safety.“

Michael Pohl, Sales & Service Manager

Accessories for SensorTack® 1

SensorTack® heating box

At low ambient temperatures or in cold weather, 2K silicone products, such as the SensorTack® gel, require additional time to cure.

The SensorTack® heating box warms the gel and accelerates the reaction time. In addition, it protects against dust and allows the sensor to be positioned completely level when filled with SensorTack® gel.

  • Ideal for mobile fitting
  • Fast curing at any temperature
  • Can be used via cigarette lighter
  • Handy and light

SensorTack® cleaning and contact spray

Ideal pre-cleaner and assembly support for the installation of sensor and camera units. Cleans the camera lens as well as the sensor and glass surface. SensorTack® cleaning and contact spray meets existing OE manufacturer specifications.

  • Cleans the camera lens as well as the sensor and windscreen surface
  • Fine nozzle head
  • Facilitates the installation

Vaporizes rapidly, streak- and residue-free!

Did you know?
All SensorTack® products meet the requirements for use in the field of safety-relevant driver assistance systems.

4 systems for more than 750 models:

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