LED lighting technique

Module 3 Duration: 2 x 45 min.


In this training we will show you the variety of functions of modern LED lighting systems and their settings, as well as the consequences of wrongly calibrated front cameras on the adaptive light systems.


In this 4 hour training module you will get to know the adaptive light systems, their range of functions and setting possibilities. Error sources and their impact on road traffic are analysed.

After a short theoretical part we practice the setting up on our training vehicles by using the headlight adjustment device SEG V to start the basic setting of the headlight via the diagnostic device in the fast or protocol test.


  • Explanation of the adaptive light systems
  • Setting up the headlight adjustment device SEG V
  • Activation of components and codings
  • Practical trainings

Target groups

Our offer is aimed at participants with fundamental knowledge in vehicle diagnostics:

  • Automotive glass fitters
  • Motor mechanics/mechatronics technicians/electricians
  • Bodywork and vehicle makers
  • Vehicle journeymen/master (students)

Training structure

The training corsess are divided into units of 45 minutes with a break after two teaching units. Training lasting several hours include a comprehensive catering. Coffee and soft drinks are freely available during the training.


This training is currently offered on demand in our premises in Willich.

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Extension training with certificate
Extension training with certificate
2 training units à 45 minutes
2 training units à 45 minutes
249 €
R.A.C.E. – 47877 Willich/Germany, Siemensring 44
R.A.C.E. – 47877 Willich/Germany, Siemensring 44