Team-oriented for 30 years.

Our employees continue to be the key to our success.

Our team consists of more than 100 employees. With their own expertise and passion, they all contribute to making our vision a reality every day. Each of them is a building block of our foundation, which forms the basis of our company. Since PMA/TOOLS AG was founded in 1993, a handful of pioneers has evolved into a diverse and vibrant team.


But who are the individuals behind the scenes? When you think about PMA/TOOLS AG, your immediate thought might be of your direct contact person or a face you remember from the last photo campaign. However, many other people and above all personalities are also employed here.

Whether in the office or warehouse – here, genuine originals are at work.

With their uniqueness, many different people contribute to the entire team giving its best. Whether it’s accounting, dispatch, marketing, IT or building technology – everyone has their tasks and their area. It is the contribution of each individual that makes the big picture work – perfection on the windscreen.

It’s all in the mix

We value our team, which stands for diversity and represents a mixed array of nationalities. Many of them have been a part of PMA/TOOLS AG for a long time. But each new face also brings new impulses, creating a blend that propels us forward.

30 years. Right at the front.


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