Inventive for 30 years.

We continue to set standards for the industry with our vision and pioneering spirit.

As a specialist in automotive glass accessories and a provider for the entire spectrum of automotive glass, we have been in the business for a long time and have a good sense for what is needed. For 30 years, our inventions and solutions have been integral to the aftermarket business.
With vision and a pioneering spirit, we are driving the industry forward and pursuing our goal of enabling and maintaining the aftermarket.


Some of you may still remember our first catalogue. A pictorial representation of our products was unprecedented at the time. The helpful visualisation still simplifies ordering today – whether from the catalogue back then or from the online shop today.

Produced in-house in Germany: our original SensorTack®

The first windscreens with sensors posed new challenges, but also brought forth solutions: our SensorTack® gel and SensorTack® pads are simply the unbeatable originals, saving time and money with every use. The reuse of sensors makes SensorTack® an environmental champion, as substantial resources are conserved. Produced here in Willich, they are also a “Local Hero.”

Stone chip repair 2.0

In the field of windscreen repair, the processes have continuously evolved over time. Our latest device almost works on its own. The Black Box 2.0 requires only a few steps and offers users, with or without prior knowledge, convenient operation with excellent results. Once the Black Box 2.0 is set up, users can focus on other tasks during the repair. We have thus elevated mobile work to the next level.

With our experience and expertise, we are your strong partner in the automotive glass accessories market, and together we stay at the forefront of the industry.

30 years. Right at the front.

Black Box Anwendung

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