macsRemote Service

Module 2 Duration: 2 x 45 min.


You will receive a profound instruction of the use of the macsRemote Service and the related possibilities of the remote-controlled diagnostics and application techniques.


In this 2 hour training module you learn how to lay the foundations for the structure, the setting and the connection to the macsRemote Service.
In a short theoretical part you receive an overview of the service range and costs before you practice its communication with the technician on our training vehicle. You will also learn how to carry out a camera calibration or radar adjustment with the relevant adjustment tools.


  • Explanation of the function and description of the macsRemote Service
  • Basics of online vehicle diagnostic and calibration
  • Activation of components
  • Dynamic calibration via HotSpot

Target groups

Our offer is aimed at participants with deep knowledge in vehicle diagnostics:

  • Motor mechanics/mechatronics technicians/electricians
  • Bodywork and vehicle makers
  • Vehicle journeymen/master (students)

Training structure

Training unit of 2 x 45 minutes. Coffee and soft drinks are freely available during the training.


This training is offered by individual appointment in our premises in Willich. Please contact us.

Are you interested in a training for macsRemote Service?

Extension training with certificate
Extension training with certificate
2 training units à 45 minutes
2 training units à 45 minutes
219 €
219 €
R.A.C.E. – 47877 Willich/Germany, Siemensring 44
R.A.C.E. – 47877 Willich/Germany, Siemensring 44